Local ecobrick workshops

Come find out why we make ecobricks

 “the first ecobrick you make is the most important, the best is the one you don’t have to make”

We all know there is a plastic crisis and we all want something done about it. We may have different perceptions of how that should happen, perhaps depending on our understanding of plastic, recycling and how its ultimate disposal actively affects our environment. We will look at plastic in all its guises and consider how we use it, how we have developed a reliance on it and how, as our hands let go, its onward journey affects the air we breathe, soil we grow food on and in, and the fresh and salty water we know is so important to our lives.

At the end of the session you will have an immediate action plan for being part of this global change AND you’ll know how to make a high quality ecobrick you can be proud of. I also hope you’ll also have a great big smile on your face! 

No upcoming public workshops booked at this time  - please do get in touch if you would like to arrange a workshop for your community. 


(You need to be able to stay for the full session)
Cost is £5 (kids, students, unemployed and over 60's go free)
Children must be accompanied by an adult 

Want to hold a workshop?

if you would like to hold a workshop for your community group or business please get in touch with Lucie to arrange and bring change to your community. 

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Ecobrick Workshops and Socials

Ecobrick and eco consous social meetings are held with Lucie every other tuesday in Blackfield SO45. 

Please see the events section of the Facebook page for the next dates. These are free events to enable you to meet like mnded people. 

we look forward to seeing you.

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