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Trainer of Trainer - UK Courses

"Solve plastic in your region through community empowerment & the raising of ecological consciousness. This three day, in-depth program for 30-50 ecoleaders will ignite a viral dissemination of plastic transformation in your network and region. Participants receive GEA certification and are fully equipped to disseminate ecobricks through your network.."

Up until now the only way to become an ecobrick trainer if you were based in the UK was to complete the online training, We are very pleased to announce that New Forest Aquaponics is bringing two ecobrick training of trainer courses to the UK.  This is your chance to come and learn from the core team in a group setting. Be one of the first, help change the way we see plastic within our biosphere, be the change you want to see. 

New Forest

19th - 21st July 2019 at Minstead Study Centre  

3 days in the beautiful New Forest. Minstead is set right in the middle of the forest. There are two shared sleeping rooms with double bunk beds or there is a small amount of camping. I cannot begin to express how beautiful and calm the centre is. Evenings will be spent in the cob roundhouse. 

Tickets new forest

 Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, 

26th - 28th July 2019

3 days at this fastinating place, full of amazing ideas of how we can lead a less impactful life

We are hoping to have a mix of beds and camping, and will update as soon as we have information confirmed. 

Tickets For North Wales


We very firmly believe that there should be no barriers to learning. We wish to provide some free places for those on low incomes, this will require funds. We have created a crowdfunding page to help this happen. If we end up with funds left over we will use them to do a training event in Scotland, and support our trainers with resources to work within communities with ecobricks.

Here is the link to our crowdfunding page - with your support we can make a real difference 

Our crowdfunding page