Why be a trainer?

Inspiring and helping future generations


"We know our present plastic-filled situation
 is no gift to leave; for any one, or any thing" ...


We are awakening to the challenges younger generations will face through our past and present use of plastic everything. Everyday we learn a little more about the effect that has, is and will continue to have on health, ecosystems and the biosphere; we all know we need to make change happen and fast ... 

... as an ecobrick trainer you can have and hold that potential in your own hands, you will bring change to your home, community spaces and work places; rewarding them and you, together, helping to improve biosphere with each ecobrick made.


Together we can inspire others: businesses, communities, individuals

It’s an amazing feeling when you share a skill you have with another person and you sense them responding in a positive way, you feel their excitement and enthusiasm growing, their smile, warming and encouraging you to continue; together you share thoughts and ideas, hopes and dreams for a better future ...

... your inspiring words and actions can lead the way forward; working together.


Training courses are an amazing mix of plastic awareness AND plastic action!

They’ll blush when they see we’ve written about them in this way, but we think it’s really important to know - your training is led by Russell Maier and Ani Himawati, the two people who have invested their vision, passion and energy to bring ecobricking to the amazing people movement that it is today. All UK trainers have been trained by them through 5 weekly online sessions from ecobricking’s beating heart; Ubud, Indonesia, where they live. It’s an amazing experience and the UK trainers have loved every minute of the sessions - but we’ve never met Russ & Ani in person, until now ...


We’ve got two amazing, extra special, first time ever in the UK, super connected, super focussed training courses ready to super charge your ecobrick skills and knowledge - come and meet and be trained by Russ & Ani (and meet some of the current UK trainers) in two beautiful UK locations:

  • The Minstead Centre, New Forest - 19th-21st July 2019
  • CAT (Centre for Alternative Technology), Machynlleth - 26th-28th July 2019

More info and booking for both, click here.


£150 per delegate, including accommodation

  • Want to PayMore? - that might seem like an odd question, but please read on - we are a people movement, supported by people who care passionately for the planet and take little in return. If you can afford to pay more, we’d love to share the extra with those who might not be able to. 

  • Seems a lot? We are hoping to support people who want to be trained but can’t cover all the costs through our crowdfunding and our PayMore idea.  But there’s another way too - maybe your community or a local business could support you for your training course - they’ll get 2 free training courses for that and that’s built in as part of the training course  - so that’s got to be a win-win for all?  

  • What about CPD training? - any eco-club teachers, helpers, inspirational leaders could benefit from this course - why not ask if you can be supported in this amazing way?

  • Want to support us in our passionate quest to help others and the biosphere?  Please look at our crowdfunding page.

  • Want to ask more questions? email us at UKecobricks@gmail.com

. . .  together we can build a brighter future . . .