Working for social change through Aquaponics & Ecobricks

Help us teach through practical work 

how to create change. 

Your support will help us help others.

Our Journey with ecobricks and aquaponics.

About Us

Our Founders

Dave & Lucie have set up 

New Forest Aquaponics cic 

as a regenerative project.

Regenerative for our biosphere, communities & people.

Let our community regenerate you. 

Our History

Our love of aquaponics grew from our love of plants and fish. 

After going through some tough times as a family we realised that families like ours need a place to recover and learn. We began to formulate our ideas.

We now need help to 

share them with everyone. 

Our Goals

We aim to provide a rounded, regenerative community that people can replicate across the UK. 

This will include the growing of food, ecobricks and all the connections between.

We aim to be working examples of aquaponics and ecobricks benefitting communites.