Aluminium Can Recycling

Collecting aluminiun cans from the New Forest to support groups and projects within the forest.


A few years ago, my son saw a ton bale of cans and was so impressed at the size of it and the value of it he decided he was going to have a go to see if he could collect a ton of cans.  It was much harder on his own than he thought it would be. Not through lack of cans, but because they are so light!  By the time he had enough to sell, the price had dropped and the metal merchants were so far away, the cost to get them there meant there was little money left. Then covid hit and the cans project got put to one side. But people kept bringing us cans, so we kept them for when we could make this work.


And now we have!

At our new site in Boldre we have space for a skip to collect the cans in. We have partnered with a fantastic metal merchant who wants to see this work and help us support local groups and projects as well as ourselves.

We are also working alongside who are collecting in the Christchurch and Bournemouth area. 


Our skip should hold 2 tons of cans. If we could fill that every month we could make a real differance to the forest communities.


Where will the money go?

We will split the payment we get from each collection - 50% to New Forest Aquaponics CIC to support our community projects and our site at Boldre without which we could not do this.

The other 50% will go to groups and projects within the forest.   As we build our team of volunteers for managing this project we will give details of how this will work and how your group will be able to apply to the fund.


If you would like to be part of the team, drop us an email.

Or if you are a business and would like to give us your cans, or if you could have a collection point across the forest, please get in touch. The more we work together, the more we can achieve!

Have a look at the 'every can counts' website for more information on why can recycling is so important.