Ecobricks UK

We are very passionate about helping everyone to rediscover a more connected way of living, respecting our biosphere. As part of this, we have started working with ecobricks. Lucie and her son Robbie have trained as Global Ecobrick Alliance (GEA) Ecobrick trainers. They give talks and run workshops on how to reduce your plastic. Once we have our new home we will be able to build and help inspire people to use ecobricks within and for the benefit of their communities.

Working with the Global Ecobrick Alliance to educate about plastic and how we can change our attitude to its value within society.

New Forest Aquaponics CIC is proud to run Ecobricks UK as one part of our family of projects.

If you would like us to run a  workshop on ecobricks or are interested in joining the worldwide team of ecobrick trainers please email

To find out more about ecobricks and the Global Ecobrick Alliance visit our main webpage

Or for UK Ecobricks our Facebook page is

And if your making ecobricks, please be part of the movement and log your ecobricks on to Gobrik.