The Holbury Orchard is our demonstration garden to show just how much food can be grown in our gardens, easily and without too much work.


The garden belongs to Ivor who we first met at the  first Hythe Soup Dragons event in 2022, he was pitcing to raise the money to sort out his garden.  He didnt win, but we got talking and loved the idea of using his garden to grow food for the community. Lots of things got in the way on both sides which delayed the start.

Two years on and we have finally been able to start work on the garden!

With a small amount of funding from  change x through the  Nickelodeon Our World UK Community Fund , we got to work.  

Working on a loose forest garden style of planting, with fruit trees and soft fruit bushes, along side perennial vegatables, herbs and some annuals. The produce will be shared between Ivor and the Waterside Food Project to help feed the local community.

It is hoped that this will be the first of many community growing spaces across the waterside. If you would like to be part of this project or know of any suitable sites for growing food let us know.

To help us extend our work we are looking for plants and equipment that we can use as we develop more spaces.