July 29th Repair Cafe

We did it!
Our first session was a success and some very happy customers left with repaired items, given a new lease of life by our wonderful team of repairers.
A huge thank you from myself and Lucie to those who volunteered on Saturday. I hope you enjoyed your morning. We have a few things to iron out to make the session run more smoothly in the future. If you came along and have any feedback please let us know.

Here are the figures for this months Waterside Repair Cafe.  I think we can all be very proud of our outcomes for the first session.


One of the jobs done at the repair cafe this month was to install and update the software on the mini pc that was very kindly donated to us by Owl Live via  eventcycle - Thank you guys!


Duracell drumming bunny

My favourite fix of the day has to be the Duracell drumming bunny!  Bought in by Josephine Pearce here is what she said.

'Thank you Simon and the friendly team. My Duracell Bunny is drumming and Father Christmas can Ho! Ho! Ho! Again.
They were my daughter’s toys and now will be handed down to my first granddaughter. So happy😍'