Community Cook Ups

Our Community Cook Up's are aimed at bringing people together to eat.

We only use donated surplus food from local supermarkets that would have gone to waste or locally grown donated food in our cooking. This means we cannot plan our menu ahead nor the amount we will have to cook. Very rarely we may run out of food depending on how many people come.


These cook ups are for everyone to come together and share a freshly prepared hot meal, no judgement or requirements, everyone is welcome.   Our youngest visitor so far was 14 weeks old, and our oldest is 88.  The cook ups are a place to meet other local people and mix with people who's path you would not normally cross, you never know you may even make some new friends!

Blackfield Baptist church very kindly support The Waterside Food Project to bring free food provision to our community on a secular basis.

Along side the cook up we are running a "mini" community fridge each Thursday.  Now up and running

thanks to funding from   change x, through the Nickoldeon our world fund.  nickol logo

cook up