Langley Food Box

The Langley Food box is the place we hand out Use-by dated foods that cannot be frozen. The box is stocked up between 9.30 and 10pm, when our volunteer drivers get back from collecting the food from supermarkets.

We have a WhatsApp group to let people know when it is stocked and ask that no one comes until we have put a picture up. The purpose of the picture is so people can see what is there and if it is worth them coming out, especially if it is raining. And also to help our volunteers be able to sort the food out without people standing over them.

The food collected from the supermarkets goes to 3 different places, the food box for food that is use by but not freezable, the community cook ups, and the bulk of it goes to Hythe community fridge.

The box itself is a giant cool box that used to transport food on the cruise ships.  we believe it is the only cool box in the UK with a 5 star food hygiene rating.

28 days of waste food