What is it all about?


Aquaponics is a chemical free way of farming 

edible plants and fish together.

The great thing is that you don't have to eat the 

fish to grow the plants and when done 

correctly the fish have a wonderful life. 

Our aim as fish farmers is to help people get the fish welfare correct and respect the fish for the 

important part they play in our biosphere.



Our aquaponic watercress is at the moment our biggest crop. We sell it fresh and dried. It grows super fast when turbo charged with nutrient rich water - and don't forget it is our native superfood. 

If you can't get to buy ours, check out where the watercress in the local supermarket is coming from...we found some from the USA in Tesco the other day, as it wilts very quickly when out of water you do need to ask what they have done to it.......

Knowledge share


We believe that for the benefit of our biosphere we must all share knowledge. We will take part in energy exchanges, but also will make sure that no one is excluded from learning.  

To make sure this happens we need help financially to get going. 

Do let us know if you feel you can help.



We only use things that already have had a useful life; we reclaim, upcycle, repair and value the resources our biosphere has provided for us.

This is the second greenhouse on our site, we would love to get this back into action as a greenhouse to have a productive life again. This will take funds and energy.

Growing food, growing children


Children our our future and we need to help them have a future where they know how to grow healthy food. 

Help us provide these opportunities for children.

The Fish


It is vitally important to us that we are able to set the  best practice for welfare for the fish. 

The fish are the most important element of the 

whole process. We wish to work with food waste 

to provide food for the fish, as a circle of food.

All of this takes funds

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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