Sometimes I find myself stuck

Lucie stuck in van

Getting stuck physically is what is going on in this picture. I was trying to load as many crates as possible in our van of hot cross buns, just some of the hundreds and hundreds of packets the Waterside Food Project and Waste not Want Not ( the other local food project we work alongside) had to deal with over the Easter period.  My mistake here was reaching over one crate to push the others to the end of the seat, whilst being a short person! There was no way I was ever going to reach, and as a result the single crate slipped off the seat pushing me down and trapping me! 

Thankfully I had my phone with me and could call my son to get me out, which he did once he had taken the picture. 


It was surprising the number of bruises I ended up with, and just how painful this was. It is not the first time I have hurt myself doing the food collections, my stroke affected brain often get things wrong, so I trip or fall, but this was the most painful.


So what other types of stuck do I find myself in? 


Financially stuck is the one that I find myself in the most. Running a very small non profit that has so many parts to it stretches the non existent money further than you could ever imagine. 

We could achieve so much more far quicker if we had more financial support. 


Physically stuck,  all of our projects have visions for the future, but all of them require people to physically get involved, be engaged and present. That way we can all support each other and create that strong resilient community we all need. Without people we cannot run the projects as they are, nor move them forward. Thankfully we have an amazing group of volunteers, but more are always welcome and would reduce the number of times we get stuck for help. 

 I am without a car at the moment, and so I often find myself physically “stuck” and not able to get to where I need to be. 


Mentally stuck, not often do I find myself stuck in this way, and for that I am very grateful as it could have been very different, the damage my stroke did was nowhere near as bad as it could have been.  It is still frustrating, and the times when it shows itself can cause me to appear mentally stuck. There are times when like everyone I get stuck on what to do next or where to go next, and that's where the people in our community help. Just knowing that there are people who help with everything else, helps me unstick. 

But I see so many others who are stuck in a train of thought that is holding them back, or limiting the choices they could be making. We can't change the way someone is programmed to think from birth, but we can help them feel welcome and part of community now matter how they feel. Do reach out if you feel stuck and we can unstick ourselves together. 


If you would like to help New Forest Aquaponics CIC achieve its goals of building a strong vibrant community that helps each other and our planet get involved! 

Follow  this link and tell us where you would like to volunteer.

19:22, 17 Apr 2024 by Lucie Mann