Next steps for Waterside Clothes swaps

Can you help us????

Waterside Clothes swaps has been running swaps in the Waterside area for the last two years. And very sucessful they have been at helping our local community swap clothing and reduce the amount of money they need to spend on new clothing, as well as raising money for local charities.

All but the first swap have been in the Hythe sea scout hut whic works really well as a venue. But sadly the hall got flooded this spring, and the floor is not going to be in a fit state to cope with the heavey use a clothes swap brings.

So this is our opportunity to try out a new venue!

The next swap May Clothes Swap will be at Blackfield Baptist church. This gives us the chance to try out a new location, with a longer term goal of running more swaps per year and in more locations to reach as many people as we can.


Most of our swaps have raised money for other local charities, but we have always had the vision of doing more, being able to be part of a more circular economy that helps people and planet.

The way we hope to do this is by having a container situtated at the Baptist Church to act as a storge for the clothes between swaps, as well as a clothing bank that people can be refered to for clothes, and on top of all that clothing can be turned into new items of clothing or useful items.

How can you help?

Supporting our swaps, come along and have some fun, fnd new clothes, and make a donation you can afford on the way out.

Making a donation 

The upper estimated costs of getting a conatiner in place and fitted out is £5000. We hope it will cost a lot less than this, but have to know we can fund the whole project before we start. There is the possibility of help with the bulk of the funding, but we have to show there is community support, so we have a fundraising goal of £500 to apply for the help with funding. We are 2/3rds of the way there already, can you get us over the line?

Our decicated clothes swap online donation portal


Thank you - together we can do this !

15:27, 29 Apr 2024 by Lucie Mann