The Watercress Queen

Just because you need to use a foodbank why should you not be able to do something sustainable and planet friendly ?  

Keeping your house clean when you are going through a difficult time can be a huge challenge in itself, it can be another huge thing to deal with. Anything that helps you remember there is a community that cares can be that fleeting moment of positive that helps you carry on through the difficult stuff.  And yes I am speaking from experience. 


It is not just food that is needed, you often see cleaning products and cleaning cloths on the wishlist for a foodbank. And often that wishlist is on amazon. Encouraging you to purchase from big retail, who are one of the driving forces behind poverty and pollution around the world.


Could we do this differently?  


New Forest Aquaponics CIC runs many community projects, one of which is The Waterside Food Project, preventing  supermarket surplus  food going to waste, the sale of our Genius Cloths helps us fund our work so a double whammy of good.  Feeding people, while helping other people clean. 


That’s why we have put an option on our Genius Cleaning Cloths for you to contribute towards providing them to food banks. You can even nominate your local food bank. We will add up all the donations and then send as many packs as possible  - using our wholesale prices. And we will pay the postage.

There is no limit, but we will only send a parcel when there are 10 or more packs for the nominated foodbank. 

You can nominate any charity, foodbank, or community group you like and we will add them to the options, then get sharing so others who support them can add to the amount of Genius cleaning cloths we can send them. 


You will find them listed in our shop  - why not grab yourself some at the same time!
If you have any questions please do drop me a line and don’t forget to share through your networks and see how much good we can achieve.

18:52, 19 Aug 2023 by Lucie Mann