The Watercress Queen

The 2nd week of January 2024 saw me give my first talk on Regenerative Culture. I was so pleased to be asked by the local climate group

This talk is is about New Forest Aquaponics CIC,  how we see regenerative culture, and all the projects we run and how they fit in to regenerative culture.

I think everyone enjoyed it, one comment was

"Lots of food for thought. It's very interesting to be exposed to folk who think  so differently"

If you would like to hear this talk and have a community group or an association who would appreciate hearing this talk please get in touch.

Giving talks is one way for us to raise much needed funds, costs are dependant on how far we have to travel, but we aim to work with you as it is really important for us to get our message out to as many people as possible.

13:28, 10 Jan 2024 by Lucie Mann